This is a private invitation-only Meridian 59 server

Welcome to Server 202 - home of the 3dO 102 Community Reunion

If you're staying, you'll need a Meridian 59 client.

You can download the installer thanks to the good people at the Open Meridian project.

Please note: The 'Create Account' facility on the Open Meridian page will create an account on Server 103, which we do encourage you to do of course.

However to play here on Server 202, you'll need to register here, which will automatically create your 202 game server account and character slot(s).

We discourage excessive muling here and would ask people to kindly stick to no more than two accounts per person.

Please also note that the above patcher requires .NET Framework and stuff, which many of you may already have installed. If not, go get 'em.

So after you've installed and run the patcher, you should now have access to both the old legacy client for that 90's nostalgia feel and the newer .NET-based "Ogre" client, so called because it's based on the Ogre engine. The next step is getting your chosen client to connect to this server.

Getting the Classic Client to work here on 202:

The legacy client will work with server 202 after you've made a minor tweak to your system's hosts file to point it at the right server.
Simply add the following line to your Windows hosts file (usually C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts):

Getting the "Ogre" Client to work here on 202:

You'll need to locate configuration.xml, which is probably somewhere like C:\Program Files\Open Meridian\Meridian DotNet\x86 or possibly ...\x64 if you're launching the 64 bit version - there's really no appreciable difference.

You'll then need to edit the file and insert the following line immediately after "<connections>":

<connection name="202" host="" port="5902" useipv6="False" stringdictionary="rsc0000-103.rsb" username="" password="" character=""><ignorelist /></connection>

For more information about this version of Meridian 59, please check the Open Meridian Wiki.